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MetroCard Calculator Allows You to Calculate How to Get the Most Mileage Out of Your Purchase

Mar 21 2015

The subway fare increases tomorrow to $2.75 for a single ride but the bonus value will also increase. To help figure out how many rides you can get for your buck, the MTA has released a MetroCard Calculator that helps you calculate the number of rides you'll get, how much the bonus value is, and what your balance would be.

The tool is not super clear, but it is helpful to provide more visibility into how bonus values are calculated and how much savings can be achieved.

Some magic refill numbers?

  • $22.30 for a bonus value of $24.75, 9 rides and $0 leftover
  • $27.25 for a bonus value of $30.25 11 rides and $0 leftover
  • $49.55 for a $55 bonus value, 20 rides and $0 leftover

Access the MetroCard Calculator here.

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