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Look Forward to Not Getting Anywhere on the Subway This Weekend

Mar 06 2015

I don't know about you but this week seemed to last forever, owing to 5 days of an exceptionally frustrating subway commute on top of a week of weather flip-flopping more than John Kerry in the 2004 US Presidential election. We're in for more weekend service changes so get your snow/rain boots out and get ready to slog through the slush.

Here are the highlights:

- No 1 trains between 14th St and South Ferry, take the 2 or 3 trains or a free shuttle bus.

- 2 and 3 trains will run local in both directions between 34 St-Penn Station and Chambers Street from 11:30pm Friday to 5:00am Monday.

- No 5 trains between E 180 St and Dyre Ave, but a free shuttle bus will be provided. Pelham Bay Park-bound 6 trains will run express from 3 Av-138 St to Hunts Point Av this weekend beginning at 11:45pm Friday night to 5:00am Monday.

- The 7 train is out of commission again this weekend between 74 St and Times Square-42 St.

- The A train and C train will skip 163 St, 144 St and 135 St on the Queensbound track.

- Coney Island-bound D trains will run via the N line from 36 St to Stillwell Avenue. That means no Coney-Island bound service at 9 Av, Fort Hamilton Pkwy, 50, 55, 71, 79 Sts, 18, 20 Avs, Bay Pkwy, 25 Av and Bay 50 St.

- Jamaica-bound F trains will run express from Avenue X to Smith-9 Sts from 11:45pm Friday night until 8:00pm on Sunday. This means no Jamaica-bound service at Avenue U, Avenue P, Avenue N, Bay Pkwy, Avenue I, Ditmas Av, Fort Hamilton Pkwy, 15 St-Prospect Park and 4 Av-9 St.

- The L train however, will be running normally, or whatever normal means for the L train.

Hey don't go yet!

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