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Get Ready for the Pope's Visit to New York City

Sep 23 2015


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Pope Francis arrives in New York City tomorrow, September 24th with a full schedule around the city on Friday, September 25th, bringing not only divine wisdom but also what is sure to be one of the biggest transportation headaches that the MTA and the City of New York have ever experienced. Though most of the changes to mass transit will be to the bus system, expect many of these displaced bus riders to show up on subways, and combined with the increased number of visitors to the city, delays across all subway lines should be expected. It doesn't matter if you do not frequent the areas where the pope is expected to be, the subway system will be touched by his presence no matter where you are traveling to.

The MTA advises riders to purchase round trip tickets, allow extra time for travel, and expect crowded conditions. In other words, don't bother leaving your apartment, and if you must, give yourself plenty of time to get to where you're going without shoving any tourists out of the subway car or banging your head against the wall too many times.

Read the press release from the MTA here.

View the pope's NYC schedule here.

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