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Current Status: Planned Work

Service Status

Planned Work

Jul 16 - 19, Tue to Fri, 1:30 AM to 5 AM
Q Lexington Av/63 St in Manhattan - board/exit all trains at the downtown platform

Summary for Friday July 19, 2019

The Q Train reported Unknown for 45 % of the day, Good Service for 8 % of the day, Planned Work for 43 % of the day, Delays for 4 % of the day.

Subway stations on the Q train
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96 St & 2 Av
86 St & 2 Av
72 St
Lexington Av/63 St
57 St - 7 Av
49 St
Times Sq - 42 St
34 St - Herald Sq
28 St
23 St & 5 Av
14 St - Union Sq
8 St - NYU
Prince St
Canal St
DeKalb Av
Atlantic Av - Barclays Ctr
7 Av
Prospect Park
Parkside Av
Church Av
Beverley Rd
Cortelyou Rd
Newkirk Plaza
Avenue H
Avenue J
Avenue M
Kings Hwy
Avenue U
Neck Rd
Sheepshead Bay
Brighton Beach
Ocean Pkwy
W 8 St - NY Aquarium
Coney Island - Stillwell Av

Weekend Status

  • SIGNAL MAINTENANCE Jul 19 - 22, 11 PM Fri to 5 AM Mon Q 96 St-bound trains run via the R from DeKalb Av, Brooklyn to Canal St, Manhattan
    Trains stop at Jay St-MetroTech, Court, Whitehall, Rector, Cortlandt Sts and City Hall.
  • TRACK MAINTENANCE Jul 20 - 21 • Jul 27 - 28, 5:45 AM Sat to 10 PM Sun Q Coney Island-bound trains run express from Prospect Park to Kings Hwy in Brooklyn
    Trains stop at Church Av and Newkirk Plaza.
    For service to Parkside Av, Beverley, Cortelyou Rds, Avenue H, Avenue J and Avenue M, take the Q to Church Av, Newkirk Plaza or Kings Hwy and transfer to a 96 St-bound Q.
    For service from these stations, take the Q to Newkirk Plaza, Church Av or Prospect Park and transfer to a Coney Island-bound Q.
    [ad] This service change affects one or more ADA stations.

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Q Train Service Overall

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